myObservatory Subscription Packages

Signing up for a subscription package makes many new features for data upload, storage, and analysis available. Getting a myObservatory subscription also allows you to use the mobile-optimized site for quick data entry in the field. A subscription is on a per-institution basis, so subscribing for your institution will give all your users access. See below for the details of the available plans.

Feature Free Certified Nonprofit Premium
Choose Plan Choose Plan Choose Plan
Price per Institution Free Free
(please e-mail us your 501c3 certification)
Free for first month, then...
Total Storage Available 500 MB 10 GB 100 GB
Multiple Users with Access Levels 1 User Only 50 Full Users
Up to 15 View-Only Users
50 Full Users
Up to 15 View-Only Users
contact us for more users
Full Mobile Site
Desktop Mapping Functions
View Map
Quick Zoom Tools
Measurement Tools
Map Query Tool
Map Interpolations
Raster Animation Viewer
Desktop Data Management Functionality
Core Data Management Tools
Manage Locations Tools
QA Tests Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Guided View & Access Data Tool
Generate Charts and Statistics
Desktop Data Upload Tools
Record-Level Locations
Data Point / Record Limit 500,000 10,000,000
Guided Excel/CSV Upload
Hand Drawn Shapes Limited to 3 Collections
Upload Photos
Upload KML Files
Upload Raster Animations
Customizable Data Collection Forms Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited